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    Alberta government small business grants and programs

    Note: For the latest in Alberta government small business supports, consult the Government of Alberta website. 

    What government-funded grants and programs are available to small businesses in Alberta? We did the research for you so you don’t have to! From start-up support to market expansion, read on to learn what government supports are available in Alberta. 

    The advantage of grants is that you don’t have to offer anything in return or pay back grant money. Once you find the right program, make sure to complete your research and answer all the applicable questions. 



    VIDEO: Dil at True North Accounting shows you how to find loans and grants for small businesses in Canada. 


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    Start-up support
    Indigenous grants
    Tax credits
    Advice and training
    Market expansion


    Start-up support

    Self-Employment Program

    The Self-Employment Program offers eligible Albertans who are looking to develop and start a new business with formal training, business plan development, one-to-one business counselling, coaching and guidance.


    Indigenous grants

    These programs provide equity (forgivable loans) assistance for the start-up or the expansion of small businesses for Métis and Status Indian individuals.

    Métis Entrepreneurs’ Assistance Program

    Status Entrepreneur Assistance Program

    Find a listing of resources and financing programs available for Indigenous business development, see the Government of Alberta. 


    Tax credits 

    Film and Television Tax Credit

    The Film and Television Tax Credit (FTTC) offers a refundable Alberta tax credit certificate on eligible Alberta production and labour costs to corporations that produce films, television series and other eligible screen-based productions in the province. As an applicant, you may apply for either a 22% or 30% tax credit rate.

    See more information on Alberta corporate tax credits


    Advice and training

    Regional economic development resources

    Alberta communities and regions have access to resources that support local efforts to diversify and grow their economies, attract investment, and maintain a positive and competitive business environment.

    Canada-Alberta Job Grant

    The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is a training program where a business can apply on behalf of their present or future employees for eligible training costs. Employers decide who gets training and what type of training is needed by their employees. 

    Get information, programs and resources for Alberta employers to hire, train and retain Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW).


    Market expansion 

    Alberta Export Expansion Program

    The Alberta Export Expansion Program provides funding support to Alberta small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) promoting Alberta exports through outbound international business travel and bringing international buyers to Alberta. 

    Alberta Purchasing Connection

    The Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) is an easy-to-use tool that lets public and private sector users manage, advertise, distribute, and download public purchasing opportunities for goods, services, and construction in Alberta. With APC, your small business can find opportunities to sell your products or services.


    In Canada, there are loans and grants in various industries such as agriculture, innovation and technology. To learn more about small business loans and grants in Alberta and Canada, visit our blog. Innovation Canada is also a great place to start. 

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