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    Can a grandparent claim child care expenses in Alberta?

    We’ve shared information on claiming child care expenses, including what qualifies, how to determine eligibility and which parent should claim come tax season. But what if you have a family member providing care? Can a grandparent claim child care expenses in Alberta? The short answer is yes. There are two scenarios in which a grandparent can claim child care expenses.

    1. If you are a grandparent and you are the only person supporting an eligible child (meaning the child was living with you), you can claim child care expenses if you meet these requirements:
      (A.) The child is under the age of 16
      (B.) You are working, going to school or running a business
    2. If two grandparents are acting as caregivers to a child that is living with them, claiming child care would follow the same pattern as parents in that the one with the lower income would claim the expense. The child would also have to have the same eligibility requirements as mentioned above.

    See? It’s not so complicated. Situations are unique, we get that. So, if you are looking for some more answers on who can claim child care in Canada, check our blog. And, as always, if you would like to chat and ask some questions, we are happy to help!

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