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    12 entrepreneur courses / schools

    We’ve all got back to school on our mind. Getting back to brainy endeavours isn’t just for the little ones - there are tons of opportunities for small business owners to level up their leadership, grow their business, or learn entirely new skills. 

    Here are some of our favourite entrepreneur courses.


    If you’re looking to GROW your business: 

    Strategic Coach: Ambitious entrepreneurs looking to grow every aspect of their business should check this out. Started by Dan Sullivan, this entrepreneur coaching program provides the structure, tools and support to take your business to the next level and help you find more freedom. 

    “Quarter by quarter, you change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and your business. Your results improve, your freedom increases, and your opportunities expand.”


    Growth Institute: Verne Harnish’s book, “Scaling Up”, was exactly what I needed to hear last summer. I loved it, and searched for some workshops that could help me work through the exercises in the book and coach me through implementing them in my business. After a quick google search, I found the Growth Institute. I have taken two of their courses now and would recommend these MBA-level courses to any business owner looking to scale their business. 

    “At Growth Institute, you will get the best training resources specifically for mid-market companies to build the systems and processes you need to thrive.”


    If you’re looking for PEER SUPPORT and NETWORKING:

    TEC Canada: Its lonely at the top. Your friends and family probably never have to deal with the decisions you are faced with on a daily basis. If you are searching for a group of peers that understand life as a business leader, then The Executive Committee (TEC) might be right for you. You are placed in group of about 7 other business owners, along with an expert Chair to provide one-to-one coaching. 

    "It all adds up to the most comprehensive executive and leadership development program in the industry.” 


    EO: The Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) is a global network for entrepreneurs. You can connect with entrepreneurs and hear from speakers at local chapters, or connect virtually with peers from around the world through forums. EO also offers regional and global events. 

    “For entrepreneurs and founders of businesses making more than US$1 million in annual revenue, there is no better opportunity to learn and grow than the one that is provided to you through membership in EO.”

    As a side note, Verne Harnish who wrote “Scaling Up” (mentioned above), founded EO back in 1987.


    Corpath: these forum groups of business owners was modeled after EO, but with a bit of a niche: each month your group shares business, personal, and spiritual highs and lows. The Corpath events offer insights from the biggest names in business and politics.

    "It’s about personal development. It’s about business excellence and sharing with a group of peers. In fact, there's a competitive advantage in the marketplace for you to be able to get all this great advice from a group of peers in business." - Dale Hodgson


    Become a BOOKKEEPING whiz:  

    Xero Certification: Get a solid understanding of all that Xero offers and make sure you’re getting the most out of it for your business. 


    Quickbooks Certification: Attend a training, get all the study materials and pass your exam. Small business accounting is no longer another language!


    If you want to conquer modern MARKETING

    The Social School: A Calgary-based company, where you can learn digital marketing, social marketing, and modern PR. I've learned a ton at their monthly Social Club events. They also host a 3-day Retreat that will teach you to build and launch a 12-month social media marketing strategy. 


    Hootsuite Academy: Another place to master social media. Learn best practices, how to grow your community, and how to build a strategy.



    Google Analytics Academy: We all know that Google has powerful tools for collecting and analyzing data. Google offers free courses that teach you about what data Google collects, how it’s collected, and how you can put all that data to good use. 

    Mount Royal and SAIT also offer a ton of continuing education opportunities. We hope you had a great summer and here’s to a kicking off a new school year!

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