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    "Running my own business is hard. While the rewards and freedom are great, I get really stressed out at tax time and am always worrying about paying enough tax, and not getting in trouble with the CRA. While it’s tough, I wouldn’t trade it for the world." - Every small business owner in Alberta

    Does this resonate?

    Have you ever made the jump from being an employee to self-employed? If you have, you likely look back fondly at how simple life as an employee was. Steady pay cheques. Taxes paid themselves. Work was left at work.

    Now you’ve chosen to move from that sheltered existence into the unknown. Life now demands much more of your attention. No more coasting. Money doesn’t just show up in your bank account anymore. And you actually need to pay attention to every transaction leaving your bank account.

    While you’re now responsible for wearing all the hats required to run a small business, we can take the burden of taxes and bookkeeping off your shoulders. That way you can focus on the many other more important parts of your business begging for attention.

    Right now, we’re giving our brand a bit of a refresh and evolving our services to help all the courageous people in Alberta that have stepped off the well-beaten path of employment and ventured into the wild world of self-employment. We want to be your sherpa and your guide. We want to take the burden of bookkeeping and taxes off your back, but also provide you with some guidance.

    Here are a few of the ways we’re different:

    Clear and simple

    We start with a clear process and a roadmap that helps keep things simple. When you have a money-related questions, we want to be your first call. You don’t need to worry about deadlines, penalties and unknown fees, let these be our problem. The latest technologies save us time, cut human errors and gives us the right data to get you better financial advice. The more you rely on us, the more value we provide.

    Schedule and save

    We give you a price upfront that includes as many questions as you can muster, so you’re never caught off-guard by your accounting fees. We help you make all your instalments and budget appropriately so when you get your tax bill, you have the cash ready. And our monthly payment plans help spread out the cost of all this help.

    Lean on us

    Included in this upfront price is CRA Representation. We take care of CRA issues, which is one of the most stressful parts of being self employed. That means you never talk to a CRA agent again. We also won’t nickel and dime you for questions, emails and meetings. Bother us. Grill us. We want you to have all the information you need  - it’s all part of why we are in business.

    Over the next few months you’ll see these messages and promises rolled out through our website, social media profiles, newsletters, blogs, emails, and even your financial statements. We are committed to continuously improving the service our clients get and increasing the value we provide for our fellow small business owners.

    Congrats again for blazing a new path. We’re happy to be on it with you.



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