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    We want to give you as much value as possible. Our blogs and newsletters cover everything from T slips and tax deadlines, to tips on staying organized, and recommendations on great resources for small business owners.

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    Get the most out of your corporate tax accountant

    We know that working with an accountant is an investment. We want our small business clients to get the most value possible from us. That means doing the obvious things: getting everyone’s taxes done right and on time, and saving them the most money we can. 

    But there’s more! We can also minimize your accounting fees, keep you organized, and help scale and operationalize your business. Enthusiasm is one of our core values – we love small business and we learn so much from our clients. That’s why we create blogs and newsletters to share the tips, tools and stories our clients teach us.


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    We're about more than taxes

    People usually hire us to do their corporate taxes and/or bookkeeping, but we can do more than that! Hit us up for advice on any major financial decision you need to make, here are a few examples: 

    Software application training: We can walk you through setting up and using a variety of apps for small business owners. We’re running a business too, so we’ve tried out many of them.

    WCB annual returns: It's important to update your WCB profile with any changes to employees or sub-contractors covered under your WCB. The deadline is Feb 28th, but we can do it for you.

    Corporate annual returns (minute books): If you don’t have a lawyer and want to avoid waiting in line at the Alberta registry, we can take care of this for you. We will update your minute book with your return as well as your financial statements. However, your first choice for this service should be your lawyer.

    Tax planning: We’ll help you make decisions about when and how to pay yourself, managing tax brackets over the long term so you minimize taxes. Structuring your corporation and financial analysis for major decisions is also something we can help out with.

    Preparing loan documents: Getting these documents together can be a real pain. We can help with all the tax returns and financials, as well as projections, business plans, and personal net worth statements. 

    Business valuation: There are many reasons small business owners need to value a business – selling or buying a business, succession planning, divorce, estate planning, partner buy-out or buy-in, raising money, restructuring and amalgamations. We can help you value your business or review and comment on another valuation. 

    Personal taxes: Hire us to do your personal taxes along with your corporate taxes. All you’ll have to do is upload some documents, review your return and sign. Stress-free tax seasons are a thing. 


    Our friends are your friends

    We have a lot of great business partners and vendors who help our ship sail smoothly. They also help our clients. These folks live and breathe small business. 

    Check out this post about our community partners. You’ll find bankers, insurance brokers, lawyers, IT partners, our marketing team and more. If you’re looking for support for your business, please ask! We may be able to connect you with the right people. 


    Essential small business tools for 2020

    We can help set up your bookkeeping software with the proper organizational and financial data, tax rates and chart of accounts. The conversion balances and locking prior years is also a key task we can assist with.

    Xero is the bookkeeping software we use for our clients. If we do your bookkeeping, we’ll connect your business bank accounts to Xero so that we can reconcile your transactions in real time. You can download the app to your phone, take pictures of receipts and upload them right away. We can also help with QBO, Wave and Freshbooks.

    Don’t want to do your own payroll calculations every couple weeks? We can do all the calculations for the year, and help set up automated payments to the CRA, so you can forget about it until the end of the year. If you want more self-management, we can set you up on a free payroll program, and show you how to use it. 

    We recommend using MileIQ to stay on top of that mileage log and HubDoc to digitize and organize your files. We have more on the best apps for businesses owners here

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