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    Mid-year small business financial check-in

    We often hear from small business owners that they wish they heard from their accountants throughout the year. This year, we invite you to make a meeting with us for a mid-year small business financial check-in. Don’t wait. Be proactive. Gain clarity and confidence over your finances this summer.

    Here are a few of the topics we can touch on when we chat:

    Financial wellness: How’s your cash flow? Is money slowly coming in, with expenses piling up too fast? We can offer some suggestions to improve your cash flow.

    Make instalments: Make sure you pay your tax instalments on time to avoid interest. Check the letter we provided with your year-end package for important dates.

    Payroll remittances: Still trying to decide whether you should do dividends or payroll? We can help. 

    Save for GST and taxes: Make sure you’re saving enough for GST and corporate taxes in your corporation. Then, make sure you’re saving enough for the personal taxes on your dividends.

    Refresher on write-offs: Mileage log, vehicle expenses, travel, meals and entertainment, golf - we let you know what is deductible and how best to track it.

    Saving the right documents: Learn what you should toss and what to keep.

    Investment decisions: Buying a vehicle, property, or business - come talk to us! 

    Bank accounts: Two things to consider: 1) Make sure you have the right account level for you. 2) Make sure your credit is on track.

    However your year is going, let’s chat. We are here to help your small business. 

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