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5 Best Free Apps For Small Businesses


These are 5 apps that will make your business sturdier, and more organized. There’s so much to track as a small business owner. Stacks of unorganized papers, making up numbers for your...

Apr 16, 2019

Love Your Home Office Again

Remember when you first set up your home office? New desk, shelves, and filing system. Stationery and pens were all organized. Wasn’t it a nice place to be? Weren’t you excited to do some work?


Apr 09, 2019

Rental Properties and Taxes

 Calling all landlords - we break down what to do come tax season. What you can write-off and why you should expect to owe taxes. What happens when you sell a rental property or do major...

Mar 27, 2019

What is Tax Planning?


Accountants, lawyers, financial planners and insurance advisors all throw this term around: tax planning. But what exactly is Tax Planning? And how is it done?

The goal of tax planning is to...

Mar 07, 2019

Q&A with Megan Sutherland

With the RRSP deadline coming up this Friday, March 1, we wanted to bring in the perspective of an investment advisor to shed some light on the topic of investing and taxes. Megan Sutherland is an...

Feb 25, 2019

Personal Tax Update

 As you get ready to prepare your 2018 taxes and think about the tax year ahead, here are the big changes to personal taxes. Many of them will keep more money in your pocket, so make sure you’re...

Feb 13, 2019

6 Tips To Getting Financially Fit


What does a financially fit business owner look like? Our financially fit clients are safely able to take advantage of every write-off available to them. They set aside a percentage off each...

Jan 30, 2019

True North Accounting: the best in micro business accounting


True North Accounting is proud to provide small business accounting services in Calgary and Okotoks. Of course our job is to keep your books straight and file your taxes on time, but we believe...

Jan 25, 2019

Changes to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for 2019


Last week I sent an email out to all our clients telling them January 15 is their last chance to make their 2018 CPP remittance. The max amount for 2018 is $5,187.60. I hope you got in while it...

Jan 15, 2019

Celebrate Your 2018 Accomplishments!

The year is winding down. Although it’s a good time to look ahead, make resolutions and plot goals for the new year, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on and celebrate the year you’re...

Dec 19, 2018